How Content Helps SEO

Content helps search engines to get to know everything about your company. It relies heavily on words and the keywords given to know what the business is all about and what they are selling. If the content is not appropriate, there’s no point of crawling it. Most of the time it happens that even with the right keywords given, the lack of good and quality content prevents your website from reflecting in the search engine result pages.

  1. More Time Spent= Higher Ranking:
  2. If your website visitors enjoy what they are reading, they are most likely going to spend some more time on it. An engaging site provides its readers useful, relevant, funny or informative content. Thus, when more time is spent on your site, it means your site has good content. If a visitor lands on your site and jumps back out into the listing pages, Google will take it into account that there was no quality or relevant content and will reconsider your ranking.

  3. Links build Value:
  4. Inbound links play an important role as they help visitors find your site through them. Inbound links tell that your site has value. Any business that gives away free links results into the loss of reliability and value of their website. It lowers down their organic rankings. This is the reason links must be earned through authoritative websites. A unique, quality content compels other website to link theirs to yours.

  5. Sharing Increases Ranking:
  6. With so many different online portals available, if someone likes what they've just read, they find ways through which they can share it in all these portals. Now when we talk about this, the above-mentioned inbound links play a crucial role in it. An informative, educational, fun and a useful content garner an instant appreciation from its readers in the forms of thumbs up, comments and shares. Sharing the link to another platform creates signals that search engines read to evaluate a given piece of content. And when the content is great, it helps the site to rank high.

  7. Keep the Content Relevant:
  8. Living in a fast-paced competitive world, we need to keep working on what we sell. As we all know that a great, unique content is what we aim to create, but just one won’t do anything. New, quality contents should be worked on over and over again to stay at par with the competition. When content is relevant and timely other than regular and new, the site too gets a better ranking. The search engine takes it into consideration when more newsworthy and timely content is published leading to advancing your search ranking.
    A new, relevant, fresh, unique, informative and quality content is what will help to optimize the search engine. The more the time readers spend on your site, the more brownie points you get as this is what the search engine interprets as quality content. Thus, investing in the content marketing produces long-lasting results and always helps you stay high on the search engine result pages.

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